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Bentley Continental R Sales Sheet


The grand tourer par excellence, with a sporting, cockpit-like interior that nonetheless accommodates four in great comfort. The turbocharged and intercooled engine, in its latest guise providing 385bhp and 553lbft of torque, is both more powerful and more economical, giving this longstriding coupe true continent-covering ability. Detail refinements, inside and out, increase still further the pleasures of owning this rare and beautiful sporting motor car.


  • Distinctively styled two-door fixed-head coupe with accommodation for four adults.
  • Modern, contoured body style with wrap-around and colour-matched bumpers.
  • The spare wheel, now mounted within the luggage compartment, further improves the appearance of the rear of this beautiful motor car.


  • Automatic ride control provides computer control of the suspension dampers to optimise ride comfort and handling.
  • Transmission shift energy management and adaptive shift control provide computer control of the gearbox to produce smooth gear changes under all conditions.
  • Dynamic shift pattern (DSP) modifies the gear change points in 'normal' mode according to driving style.
  • Zytek EMS3 engine management system provides big density 32x32 site bit-maps for fuelling and ignition, enabling more accurate engine mapping, so providing greater efficiency, power and almost instant throttle response.
  • CFC-free air conditioning system.


  • 6.75 litre V8 engine with exhaust driven turbocharger and liquid-cooled charge cooler.
  • Digital boost control system.
  • 7.5Jx1 7 aluminium alloy wheels fitted with directional 255/SSWRI7 tyres provide responsive steering and sure-footed roadholding especially in wet conditions.
  • Viscous control differential provides optimum sharing of the engine's power output between the driven wheels for optimum traction and control.
  • Centre console-mounted gearshift with sport/standard gear change pattern selector.
  • Four speed electronically controlled automatic gearbox. with torque converter lock-up.
  • Maximum power 286.1 kW (385 bhp) at 4000 min-'
  • Maximum torque 750 Nm (553lbft) between 2000 and 3450 min-'
  • Maximum speed 249 k m/h (155 mph)
  • Acceleration (0-60 mph) under six seconds
Fuel consumption European Union drive cycle Monroney label
Urban 25.7 1/100 km ( 11.0 mpg) 11 mpUSgall
Extra urban (Highway) 13.0 1/100 km (21.7 mpg) 16 mpUSgall
Combined 17.7 1/100 km ( 16.0 mpg) 13 mpUSgall


  • Underside of the bodyshell is zinc-coated and undergoes a ten-stage metal pre-treatment process prior to cathodic electro-priming.
  • Multi-stage painting process with the latest 'clear over base' paint technology.
  • Flexibilised polymer clearcoat lacquer applied to the front surfaces of the motor car provides increased stone chip protection, yet is almost invisible to the eye.
  • Elastomeric stone-chip protective coating is applied to the sill and wheel arch areas prior to painting.


  • Commanding view of the road ahead.
  • Fully powered braking system with four channel electronic anti-lock system and anti-dive geometry.
  • Full-sized driver and front seat passenger airbags.
  • Triple anti-side intrusion beams to doors.
  • Dual level air conditioning designed to maintain driver alertness.
  • Orthopaedically designed seating system helps to reduce occupant stress levels.
  • Careful attention to weight distribution under all loading cases, together with full-length lever arm front suspension and semi-trailing arm rear suspension with Panhard rod provide a safe and progressive handling characteristic at all times.


  • Tilt-adjustable steering column enables the ideal driving position to be reached, improves instrument visibility and has 'easy entry-exit' feature.
  • Memory facility allows the positions of the seat, exterior mirrors and steering wheel of four different drivers to be recalled.
  • Front passenger seat fitted with four memories for seat position.
  • Air conditioning outlets for rear seat passengers permit individual control of the rear cabin environment.
  • Distinctive and attractive sports style seat for exceptional comfort and support.
  • 4x30 Watt tuner-cassette audio system, with 6 CD autochanger mounted in centre console armrest for case of access, playing through an eight speaker system.
  • Remote control of in-car entertainment system for rear seat passengers.
  • Full hide upholstery, Wilton carpet and lambswool rugs provide a unique interior ambience.
  • Burr walnut veneer with straight grained walnut cross-banding.
  • Two stage front seat heating.
  • Bilevel lumbar support system to front seats.


  • Wheelbase 3016 mm (120.5 in)
  • Overall length 5342 mm (1 7ft 6.3 in)
  • Overall width (across mirrors) 2058 mm (6ft 9.0 in)
  • Overall height 1462 mm (4ft 9.6 in)
  • Turning circle (kerb to kerb) 12.16m (39ft 10.7 in)
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